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Hi, I'm Lindell. I have signed my pieces with that name since I was a little girl. With a unique name like that, you don't need another.

My formal training was at 3 different colleges; Orange Coast Jr. College, U.C Santa Barbara and San Diego State. My emphasis, in those days was drawing. After years of being in that realm, I decided to break out and do something less stringent. I played around with matting as a way of creatively framing my prints. It eventually captivated my curiosity and challenged my skills to the point where I am now.

With every show, I stretch the envelope just a little more to expose the awesome versatility of what one can do with a simple mat. You can tear it, cut it, color it, glue it, weave it, construct it into new forms. It is truly my medium of choice at this point in my career.

Gone are the days of graphite Elk drawings and child portraits with pastels. I have been liberated by the incredible world of MAT ART.

Here I am packing up to head for a show. this is a detail few people take in to consideration when they go to an Art showing. All the "behind the scenes" details can be numerous and it takes lots of pre-planning to pull off.

In the end, it is worth every ounce of effort. The feeling of pride one feels from months of work pays off on opening night.

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