Art on Rock

art on rock hand
art on rock hand 2

More examples of art on rock. This was done with black ink and chalk on the face of my house. Again, with time it wears off. It has been 3 years now and I can still barely see it.

Making Your Mark would be a good title for this piece. Ancient man would leave their hand prints on walls to mark their individuality. Why not in modern times as well?

horse art on rock
horse art on rock

The horse represents Movement and Journey. This was drawn on rock wall using chalk. I spray thin lacquer over it to for lasting power. I can still see it after 3 years.

unity arrows art on rock

This photo makes it a bit more difficult to see the detailing of this piece. I used the Celtic symbol of 3 arrows bound together to create the message of UNITY. A spiral is above it, representing Union with the Divine.

kokopelli rock art

Kokopelli is a Native American symbol for fertility. I use it on my rock wall to represent Abundance and Blessings.

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