Art Symbols

Art symbols have been used forever as a form of expression. A way to convey a thought or emotion. Here are a few examples of various symbols I have used in my art.

art symbols payers

This is an example of the The Prayers petroglyph found in the western United States.

I use it in my pieces to symbolize the connection man has with Spirit.

If I am doing a piece that I consider a PRAYER to spirit, I like to include this symbol.

art symbols spiral

The Spiral is used in many ancient and modern pieces of Art to depict SPIRIT; Great Mystery, God, All that is, the Great unknown.

art symbols moving in a new direction

This is an example where the spiral symbol means something different. It signifies A group moving to a new destination or direction.

art symbols hand spiral

This is an example of the spiral being in the palm of the hand. It signifies the SOUL.

Hands were always used by Ancient cave artists to leave their own personal mark. Today, Artists sign their art with their signature instead.

art symbols union with the divine

The spiral is used in this piece to denote the Divine.

The X is a Viking Rune symbol that encompasses the lesson and theme of PARTNERSHIP.

Combining these two symbols creates the message of Union with the Divine.

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