More cool gift ideas

If you're like me, you're always looking for unique cool gift ideas. This is what I created for those on my Christmas list last year 2009.

Soon, I will be offering some of these on my For Sale section. They will be available in plenty of time for this coming 2010 Christmas Season.

cool gift ideas brian's filed of plenty

This is called The Field of Plenty.

Chrome frame stand is purchased from Store Supply. I mask off the legs and paint the rest of it with brown, black and white primer to create a rock surface look. These sign stands make great stand-up presentation frames.

The piece must be thin in order to slip in to the slot on top so each piece is one mat width thick.

Cut out the shape you want with a mat cutter. My shape, of course, is a horse. Then take a sheet of thin metal. Glue to the back and press forward to create a 3-d shape. Cover the back by double taping a thick sheet of paper.

I used Prismacolor pencils to color and shade in front, adding extra dimension. Suede matting lends itself well to coloring.

cool gift ideas field of plenty 2

Another Field of Plenty piece.

Same process as above but with different scene colored in front.

cool gift ideas balance horses

Using the stand up chrome frame again, I decided to convey the message of Balance with this piece. A cool gift idea for the Zen people in your lives.


cool gift ideas Ryan's friends along the Way

This piece called, Friends Along the Way, is a bit more sophisticated but proof that it too can be done in an upright thin frame format.

The thing that made it such a perfect gift is it was given to a man that travels a lot in his life. He is no stranger to people and makes friends easily.

cool gift ideas Kim's journey turtle

This piece is called Journey. It is cut out of green suede matting.

This was a custom piece made for a friend to give as a Christmas gift.

The person receiving it loves turtles.

cool gift ideas Deena's potential

This piece is designed after the I-ching symbol for Potential.

The design was cut out of the brown mat first with a mat cutter. Metal was glued to the back and pressed through the slots. A thick piece of paper was double taped on back to cover.

This is a cool gift idea for Graduation. How better to convey your support for a young grad than to give them the symbol for Potential.

cool gift ideas Deborah's Joyful journey

Joyful Journey is the name of this last and most diffucult piece.

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