Creative Matting Rock Art Gallery

Creative matting has been used in this section to simulate rock. In spired by ancient cave drawings and paintings, I have created this technique from mat board to express my own visions.


Art Messages show in The Dalles, Oregon


THE PRAYER is a combination of several symbols used by Ancient Rock Carvers to communicate a message.

The Spiral represents the DIVINE. Always present was their respect towards the spiritual realm, on which they based their praise and guidance.

The X is an ancient Viking Rune sign for PARTNERSHIP WITH THE DIVINE. A double confirming message in this piece.

The Arrow signifies a PROTECTED JOURNEY

There are two sets of figures. On the lower left are the "PRAYERS". On the right is Kokopelli, a figure that represents ABUNDANCE and FERTILITY.

I have done this concept of Prayer several times and will put that on my list to bring back for my next showing.


SPIRIT HORSES is a stylized rendition of the horse pictographs found in the caves of France. Again, a good example of what layering of mat and color can do to create depth and richness in the piece.

creative matting Big medicine

BIG MEDICINE, a petroglyph found in the great Northwest, United States. The message in this piece is BIG MEDICINE resides over the banks of the Columbia River gorge. Circa 2001

creative matting healer rock art

A close up of the piece named HEALER. It speaks to the ability to heal with touch. This piece consists of two layers of matting to create the depth. The hand is cut out separately and placed on top for an added illusion of 3D. Chalk pastels and ink provide the color and texture. A hole is cut in the hand with thin silver metal inlaid behind to create the spiral, representing the soul.

creative matting enter the flow of life rock art

Here is an example of a large mural created for my own collection. It is called ENTER THE FLOW OF LIFE. This was done at a time in my life when I had to make a move from the seclusion of a small mountain town to the city. To me, it meant re-entering society after years of cultural seclusion. Celtic runes appear on the rocks in the stream representing the lessons of PARTNERSHIP WITH THE DIVINE, STAYING OPEN, GOING WITH THE FLOW and HARVEST. The final blessings that come from allowing Life to nurture you rather than fighting it.

creative matting progress on life's journey

PROGRESS ON LIFE'S JOURNEY is an another example of creative matting with the Rock Art theme. The message portrays the symbols of both horse and arrow to signify a protected journey. The Viking Rune symbol that looks like an M means movement. In this case, movement which leads to progress forward in Life.

creative matting strength and introspection

STRENGTH and INTROSPECTION is the message conveyed in this rock art piece. The Bear and Bear claw symbolize both strength and introspection when the Bear enters the cave to be still with it's thoughts. The other symbol, that looks like a staple, is the Viking Rune for STRENGTH.

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