Custom Art matting and framing that looks like ROCK ART

These custom art matting and framing pieces are good examples of how in-depth one can get with a plain old piece of mat board.

custom art matting rock art rain god

This is called RAIN GOD. It is my interpretation of those found in caves carved by ancient man. Rain was a very important part of their lives and they depict it many ways in many cultures.

This particular custom art matting and framing technique has 5 layers of mat board. The metal makes up the 6th layer and creates a "Punch" to the piece.

To simulate rock, I first start with several layers of sprayed on inks in black, brown and white. Once dry, I rub colored chalk pastels into the mat to give it the vibrant colors that you see. Each layer of matting is embellished individually, then brought together like a puzzle to create the final look.

cliff dwellers rock art

Cliff Dwellers is one of my bigger pieces, 32x40. I interjected two rock art characters called "Big Medicine" on the left and "Spirit Helper" on the right. I portrayed them as being the guardians of their lands separated by a large river below. Their lands are fruitful with herds of Buffalo, horses and antelope. Again, this is a multi-layered 3-D mat piece with metal used to accentuate.

facing our fears

FACING OUR FEARS showcases one of my favorite ancient rock carvings found in New Mexico. It is symbolic of the effort one had to make, in those days, to appear "Bigger than Life" to their enemy or prey. The Warrior's shield is very unique in it's design with eyes starring back at it's foe. As this Warrior stands at the opening of his dwelling, he must intimidate that which fears him in order to protect himself and his family.

My inspiration for making this piece was after I had a run in with a rattle snake on my ranch. I was scared to Death! I needed to fund the strength and courage that the Warrior on this piece exudes.

dressed for success rock art

Dressed For Success is another petroglyph found in the southwestern United States. Often one will find rock carvings depicting ceremonial dress. This particular one had a bird on it's headdress, no doubt identifying it to be from a Bird tribe of sorts.

My inspiration for using this petroglyph was to display in both a modern and ancient design, the need for man to still dress for display. In this case, Dress for Success.

custom art matting divine inner vision

Divine Inner Vision is a combination of symbols from various cultures to portray a short message. The X is a Rune symbol for Divine partnership, the hand makes it personal ie: leaving your mark, the Eagle flies high to view life from a much broader perspective and the moon phase depicts the Heavens and intuition.

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