Custom Matting and Framing

Creating something unique and different sometimes requires custom matting and framing.

How about


custom matting and farming brown listener

This piece is named, "THE LISTENER". It is very popular and I have done many variations of through the years.

Carved out of brown suede matting, it is dedicated to that special someone that seems to always take time to listen to us without being hurried or judged. A good friend when you need it. The Art of Listening does not come easy to most folks so when you find a good listener, give thanks.

custom-matting-and-framing warrior pose

"THE WARRIOR POSE", is another example of the striped technique. It lends itself beautifully to any posture or theme.

Carved out of baby blue suede mat.

The stripes are created by using white with black core matting. Black stripes are exposed by slicing off the top layer of white.

From custom matting and framing to more striped art