Custom Matting with Symbolism - Creating an Art Message

Creating a special message through the medium of custom matting can be done with the use of symbols or icons from various cultures.

We've all heard the saying,"A Picture is worth a thousand words". The same can be said for the power of a symbol. For example, an Eagle, in America, symbolizes Strength and Freedom, whereas a heart is universal for the symbol of Love.

I often borrow symbols from various cultures and combine them on the same piece to create a message. It is the Artist's prerogative to blend and combine symbols to create something new and unique.

custom-matting creating messages with symbols

praying for peace custom matting

Praying for Peace, utilizes symbols from two different cultures.

I had a show scheduled just 2 months after 911 happened in New York. In an attempt to create pieces for that show which spoke to the sorrow and unrest this Nation and myself were experiencing, I decided to send a PRAYER through my Art.

Kokopelli is a Native American symbol. I am asking him to send my special message of PEACE through his flute to the Heavens.

The 3 bound arrows is an ancient Celtic symbol for Unity.

The hand with a spiral in the middle symbolizes the Soul within all of us. It is the way we are all connected on a much higher realm.

mother mary custom mat

This is a mat carving I did on commission for a woman wanting to give her Priest a gift.

Again, the religious symbolism is very powerful.

Matting used was white with black core and gold underneath.

We are all God's Children custom mat

This custom mat carving is named, We are all God's Children.

This is in my own private collection.

It was made to be a statement against the religious prejudice I experienced in a small town community.

I wanted to create a piece that showed God as having more space in His vast realm than just American Christians.

Art can often say what words cannot. It is an avenue to reach down in to our Souls and convey a message with a picture or symbol rather than words.

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