Custom picture framing and matting

Rock Art Gallery 2

Here are more examples of how custom picture framing and matting can make the walls of your house or office come alive!

custom picture framing and matting rock art gallery pg.2

BIO-BIG MEDICINE MAN, 32"x40" was a commissioned custom piece. It hangs in an Alternative Medicine Doctor's office.

The petroglyph called Big Medicine, is holding the Dr.'s logo of Biological Medicine as his arrow.

custom picture framing and matting rock gallery pg.2 curing

Here's a smaller piece, owned by the same doctor, called CURING.

This was a very interesting Petroglyph found in the Arizona region of the American Southwest. It caught my eye because of the tool held over the patient's body. It looks very much like a magnet would or a divining rod. Very interesting.

custom picture framing and matting renewed life

RENEWED LIFE was often the meaning behind depictions of the Dragonfly. This is my interpretation of a petroglyph found in the American Southwest. These make great inspirational pieces for people going through divorce, a loss of some kind or a new beginning, a new adventure in their lives.

custom picture framing and matting rock art strength to change

Here's a close up of a rock art custom picture matting that is using Celtic Runes to portray a message. Strength to endure Change is what I am conveying.

This is a simpler mat carving in that there are only two pieces of mat used. The symbols are carved out of the bottom piece and inlaid with thin silver metal.

Rock is simulated with spray black ink and pastel chalks.

custom picture framing and matting petroglyph wall mural

Rock Wall is an example of a large mural created to simulate a cave wall. Most of the petroglyph characters have been painted with gold ink rather than carved out of the mat. The dark inner wall is 3 layers deep.

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