Art Messages Custom Picture Matting Gallery

Custom picture matting makes art come alive. Enjoy the examples I have shared below.

custom picture matting a different drummer

A Different Drummer is a piece that represents the individuals amongst us who see Life from a different perspective. A Tribute to the unique individual that stands out amongst the rest.

Native cultures have used the stripped character to symbolize the childlike spirit in us all. A Donkey, rather than a more commonly used Horse, is another way of showing behavior that is not of the norm. The corn stalks, in my Art, always represent Abundance. In this piece, the corn is being nurtured by the rain. The spiral in the sky always means the great God force that created ALL.

Free spirit Art messages Custom Picture Matting Gallery Pg.1

FREE SPIRIT speaks to the independent soul that seeks personal expression and freedom. The stripped character is whimsical and childlike. He or she is riding a horse which represents a Journey. The corn stalks symbolize Abundance. The spiral in the sky, once again, gives tribute to the Great God force that created and blesses All.

arrow of  protection Art Messages Custom Picture Matting Gallery Pg1

The Arrow of Protection was created, originally, to hang above the doors of children's rooms. It represents protection against any harm that may enter that door. What started out to be for children, has since gained popularity with adults as well.

arrow of protection art messages custom picture matting gallery pg.1

Etta's Arrow of Protection is a custom picture matting piece done with a Native flourish for a woman named Etta. Carved out of burgundy suede and metallic gold matting.

country arrow art messages custom picture matting gallery pg.1

Country Arrow of Protection was done for a gal that wanted a Country flavor to it.

Artist arrow art messages custom picture matting gallery pg.1

Artist Arrow of Protection was created for a family that has a son who is an Artist. You'll notice the paint brushes instead of feathers and the tip is a W which is the first letter of his last name.

nighttime journey arrow custom picture matting

This arrow, called Nightime Journeys, was made with the idea of a child laying awake at night and staring at his little striped friend before going to sleep. It speaks to the concept of fun journeys in dreamland.

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