Earth Watch print

lindell art for sale earth watch print

This is a mandala piece that pulls together several symbolic pictures to create a total message.

PROTECTOR of the Family as well as the Earth.

I drew this after my Mother died. I was next in line as the eldest female in the family.

Original was done with prismacolor colored pencils on heavy grey paper.

Print is on 48lb. glossy paper.

Limited edition of 1000.

lindell art for sale Earth Watch

Fox is the protector of the family. She shares her vision with Eagle who sees life from a much higher perspective. When making life choices it is important to see as many sides of an issue as possible in order to make the best informed decision.

lindell art for sale earth watch print

The polar bear or Spirit Bear is placed in the north which is the place of wisdom.

Bear is normally found in the west of the circle in it's cave of introspection.

Bear now not only needs to introspect but also gain wisdom from spirit.

As a protector, one must ask for help and wisdom from higher sources

The Gardenia is the flower essence of the second Chakra. For the female that is the center where all life comes through, the womb.

lindell art for sale earth watch print gardenia

lindell art for sale earth watch print saturn

Saturn is the planet that rules the first chakra; the root chakra. It represents the connection to Earth, from which all life starts and ends.

The female is connected not only to her family but to her Mother, Earth, as well.

lindell art for sale earth

Last but not least, Earth.

The place we all live as one big family.