Homemade Gift ideas

We can all appreciate new homemade gift ideas! Here are some I made at Christmas time for my friends.

gift ideas anne's rune box

This box was made by cutting out mat board and wrapping it around a small plastic box purchased at a craft store. To affix the mat to the box I used a glue gun. Once all sides are on, I secured it again with a band of metal and wire.

I drilled 2 holes in the top in order to fasten both mat and decorations to it.

The bead was fashioned from oven baked clay.

gift ideas april's box

This box was made for a lady who Loves PINK. It shows you how your imagination is the limit on what you can create. I fastened a "BLINGY" button on the front which I purchased at a fabric store.

Thin ribbon is also used to add contrast and charm.

gift ideas dragonfly box

This box was created for a person that loves Dragonflies. Attached to the top wires are several Dragonfly charms which I purchased at a bead shop.

Again the main bead on top was fashioned from oven baked clay I picked up at a craft store.

I used magenta metal to add some zing as well as two different kinds of thin ribbon.

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