Homemade Gifts

Here's more homemade gifts to take a look at. Hopefully, it will be helpful when you want to create your own unique piece of art.

homemade gifts Jean's box

Here's a box that takes on the classic Western theme. Using country colors of brown, blue and red both in matting and in ribbon I was able to create a classic country feel to the box.

Again, this is done by gluing cut matting to a plastic box I purchased at a craft store. All it takes is Time, Patience and Imagination!

homemade gifts burgandy western box

Here's another example of a Western theme box.

The top is a hand colored disk, connected with wire and beads.

Attention was given to the middle area of the box with a small handmade western belt. Belt was purchased from Tandy leather. They sell them as hat belts.

Burgandy suede matting was used to wrap around the box. Accented by 1/4 inch ribbon.

homemade gifts chris's western box

Another Western box with leather belt around the middle.

This example shows how the Angel card is displayed in front via the little rubber holder purchased at Store Supply.

The decoration on top is a hand colored cut out piece of matting in the shape of a flower. It is attached with wire and beads. Conch was placed in middle and was purchased at Tandy Leather.

homemade gifts debbie's Angel box

Another Western box showing the detail on the top with various charms attached to the wire. I purchased charms at bead shop.

This is a two tones box using both purple and light brown suede matting to wrap around the plastic box.

Again, showing an example of the Angel card displayed on the front. The box is filled with Angel cards which I purchased from Inner Links.

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