Horse Art and Gifts

Horse Art and Gifts: Through my years of creating art pieces for people, horse art has been amongst the most requested. Here are some examples.

horse art and gifts horse staff

HORSE STAFF was a custom piece made for our Vet at the time. I have yet to do another but when I do, I will put it on my list of upcoming pieces to sell. This is carved out of red suede matting with several layers of mat underneath.

horse art and gifts journey tile

JOURNEY is an example of some of my newer work. This piece was purchased at an art show in the Dalles, Oregon.

First I paint and carve my design out of tile, then I surround it with mat and color to match.

This piece signifies Protection on your Life's Journey.

horse art work lead mare

THE LEAD MARE is the first of a set of 3 created for my last show. Every herd needs the Mom or the Mare. This is my tribute to their ability to lead their herd as well as raise their young.

horse art and gifts the young mare

THE YOUNG MARE is the 2nd of the series. There is much for her to learn in order to have enough wisdom to raise her own baby some day. Not every mare becomes the head of the herd. They have to earn the respect of the others with their good choices and ability to rule.

horse art and gifts the young stud

Last but not least we have THE YOUNG STUD. Always full of excess energy, young studs don't always become the herd stud. Often they are pushed out of the herd and forced to start one for themselves. They also act as the protector when any threat of danger looms.

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