Custom Horse Art Work On Mat

Everyone LOVES Horse art work! I am no exception. Horses are one of my biggest inspirations. Here are but a few examples.


horse art matting

SACRED DOG is the name of this piece of horse art work. Native Americans used dogs to carry their possessions before horses were introduced. Horses afforded them much more flexibility, power and endurance. They were very grateful for their service, thus calling them Sacred Dogs. This is a 3 dimensional art piece carved out of black suede mat with light beige suede as the second layer down.

horse art work wild west

WILD WEST is a multi layered mat carving.

horse art work balance

BALANCE is a stylized mat carving out of black suede. The red and brown mats comprise the second layer of matting below the black with white core. This piece can be hung and viewed 4 different ways which adds to the uniqueness of the design.

horse art work free spirit blue

FREE SPIRIT is the name of this whimsical piece. A wonderful portrayal of the connection between horse and rider. It is carved out of navy blue suede with the stripes being carved out of white with black core matting.

horse art work young dreamer

YOUNG DREAMER is a stylized piece depicting the youthful spirit of a young horse. This piece includes 6 layers of matting to create a 3 dimensional feel.

horse art work journey horse

JOURNEY HORSE is the name of this simple stylized piece. The "R" on his hip is the Viking rune symbol for Journey.

horse art work trust

TRUST is the name of this endearing piece. What seems to be two opposites interacting, the fragile baby and the big brawny horse, actually becomes a scene of Trust on both parts. The horse is stepping sure and steady, guaranteeing the vulnerable child will be brought safely home while the child surrenders itself in trust that the Horse knows what it is doing.

horse art work cloud horses

The one of a kind , CLOUD HORSES, showcases what you can do with matting to create more depth.

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