Lindell's Art from the past

Lindell photo

Through the years one develops as an Artist.

One thing is always constant; The realization that you have no choice but to continue CREATING!

You don't out grow ART................Your ART grows YOU!

Where did I begin? PORTRAITS

First people, then birds and animals.

I learned graphite from a Master. I was in LOVE with pencil.

At the same time in my life, I was intrigued with Native American portraits. Their faces had so much of Life etched in to each line and fold. I drew and drew in order to learn the art of portraits and pencil.

My world was black and white for years.

indian chief portrait lindell's art

Chief Joseph portrait Lindell's Art

Chief Red Cloud Lindell's art

indian woman portrait Lindell's art

Idaho indian woman portrait Lindell's art

Bald Eagle Lindell's Art

Eagle portrait Lindell's Art

dog portrait lindell's art

cat portrait