Matting Tips

Here's some matting tips that I think will up your matting game.

matting tips  common ground

Use Hand prints to create a fun picture.

This particular piece, called COMMON GROUND, used the same hand as a pattern. Each was cut out and placed upon a colorful background. Metal spirals were inserted in each to represent the Soul.

Meaning: We have the Soul,that we share in common with one another.

matting tips office common ground

Here's a larger piece with the same idea.

This particular piece hangs on the front office wall at a Medical Clinic and is also named, Common Ground.

It was commissioned by the Owner, to be an inspirational piece for it's employees. Everyone that works at the clinic had their dominant hand traced, cut out, then carved in to matting. The finishing touch was inserting different colors of metal to symbolize each Souls' uniqueness.

The whole theme went over very well. It has helped create a Team feeling.

matting tips spencer's common ground

This particular COMMON GROUND piece belongs to my son and symbolizes the unity of our family.

In this situation, each hand is the same and taken from a small pattern. Some are attached on top of the mat and others are carved in to the mat. This adds to a variety that pleases the eye and causes the viewer to stay with the piece longer when viewing it.

I kept the color pallet monochromatic and stayed only in the tones of black white and silver. This adds it's own drama to the piece.

Sometimes you want color to be part of the statement and sometimes the lack of it works too.

matting tips patch quilt

This is another way that you can use repeating patterns, create a patch quilt from mat. Star Quilt was started by cutting the star pattern out of the blue then placed pale yellow underneath. Circles were cut in the yellow matting to expose, yet another, purple mat under that. Turquoise circles were glued on top of the purple. The red hearts were also pre-cut and placed on top of the blue top mat. Degree of difficulty? A little harder than I originally thought. I made it for a quilter as a "thank you". Haven't done another since.

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