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Matting art in a unique and interesting way makes your Art far more interesting than your average box on the wall.

Here are more examples of how versatile the medium of mat board can be.

Balance Matting Art

Balance Matting art can be an opportunity to say something with various symbols and pictures.

This represents the peaceful place that can be attained when in a balanced relationship with yourself and/or others. The horses are representative of LIFE'S JOURNEY. The black and white symbol in the middle is an Oriental sign for Yin Yang or Balance. As one travels through life it is important to remember that there is an ebb and a flow to each day. With each DOWN day there will be an UP as well. We may not be able to control all that happens around us BUT we CAN control how we REACT to what happens around us. Being in Balance means flowing WITH the river rather than against it.

shoot for the Moon custom matting art gallery page 2

Shoot for the Moon is a piece created to INSPIRE! Again, the horse represents your Life's JOURNEY. "Shooting for the Moon" is a saying that has always meant, "Reaching for your Dreams, no matter how far away they may seem".

abundance custom matting art gallery page 2

Abundance speaks to the Native legend of the fertility figure. Give him your prayers and he will send them up to the Heavens via the song on his flute. The spiral in the sky represents SPIRIT, while the corn below is a sign of ABUNDANCE. Where there is food, there is Life. This piece can be given as a gift to wish the recipient a fruitful and abundant Life.

I design most of my pieces to complement each other, either on one wall, one room or throughout the home or office. Each is filled with it's own unique message to remind or inspire us.

Many of my pieces hang in a Medical Clinic and are hopefully reaching the hearts and souls of it's patients as well as it's staff.

Lovers Custom Matting art gallery pg 2

Lovers is a wonderful example of how you can bring mat to life! Just the perfect gift for a Wedding or Anniversary.

This particular piece is sold but I like to bring back the theme of couples often in other pieces. None are available right now but I will put it on my list of upcoming FOR SALE pieces

matting art soul mates

Souls Mates is another example of a couples piece. Truly, a keepsake for that special occasion.

This art matting is 3 layers deep. The stripes are created by starting with white mat/black core.

Step one: Lightly trace with a pencil where you want the stripes to be. Make note of which will be white and which will be black.

Step two: Go in to the areas that are to be black and gently carve off the top white layer of matting. This exposes the black core underneath. * Careful not to smudge the black.

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