Mother Earth Print

mother earth print

Mother Earth was the first mandala piece I created in 1990.

A mandala piece is when you include objects of different meanings together to create a message.

I printed this piece in tribute of my mother, who died of Cancer.

Before she died, she would look at this drawing and tell me, "That's Heaven you know."

After she died, I made 1500 limited edition prints of the original.

Printed on 48Lb. high gloss paper.

mother earth print face close-up

She is the essence of motherly love and power at it’s highest. She looks you square in the eye with confidence. Her smile is gentle.

mother earth print hand close-up

Her hand is old with the wisdom of ages recorded in it’s weathered contours.

mother earth dove

The white dove is the dove of Love in it’s purest form. It is the carrier of the fig branch that symbolizes all teachers who have devoted their lives to the spreading of Love in pursuit of Peace on Earth.

mother earth close-up

Her spirit is far greater than the parameters we set. She appears to be blossoming despite the square perceptions we tend to limit her with. She views us from a broader point of view. She has had great patience with us.

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