Rock Art

Rock art doesn't need to be something we find in ancient art. It can be something we create now.

kims hand art on rock

Why not paint and color on real rocks? This happens to be a huge boulder in my backyard.

The hand is a person's unique calling card. The spiral inside the hand represents the SOUL.

unity rock rock art

Using the symbol of UNITY, people joining hands, I created a message for this piece. I also added the spiral, which for this piece, is representative of Great Spirit.

The overall message is, "We are all in this together. We are blessed to have each other and a higher force that guides and illuminates us."

corn rock rock art
corn rock rock art

This is a photo of the same rock from the year before. I called it Corn Rock. The corn symbolizes abundance.

abundance rock art

This piece was actually drawn on the side of my house with chalk. With time it wears off. That's the beauty of using chalk.

I call it a A Prayer for Abundance.

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