Symbols in Art

Here are more examples of symbols in art.

symbols in art strength rune

This is the Viking Rune symbol for Strength.

symbols in art strength bear

Bear is often used in Native American Art to denote strength.

Bear is also used as the symbol for Personal Introspection.

Bear is located in the West of the medicine wheel; the place of the cave where bear goes in to think about it's life.

symbols in Art strength bear

This is my rendition of the Medicine Wheel. As you can see, the Bear is located in the west across from the east where the Eagle holds the golden door to spirit; The place of all knowing and enlightenment. Once the Soul travels through the golden door of Spirit, it travels the blue road over to the cave of introspection where Bear resides.

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symbols in art strength and introspection

Strength and Introspection is the name of this piece. Using the rune symbol for Strength and adding it with the strength and introspection symbols of Bear and Bear claw, the message becomes complete.

This is a piece where I utilize 3 different symbols to create the Art message of Happiness and Protection on your Journey.

symbols in art happiness and protection on journey horse

symbols in art happiness

symbols in art arrow protection
symbols in Art journey horse


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