Western Horse Art

The following western horse art mat carving hangs in an Alternative Cancer Care Clinic in Reno Nevada. Inspired by the patient's desire to fight for Life added with my desire to celebrate that journey.

The room that these pieces hang in is called the Western Room. Hopefully, a place to retreat and heal.

field of plenty wester horse art

Field of Plenty is the name of this piece. A stylized piece, rich with symbolism. The horse is frolicking in a field full of corn which symbolizes ABUNDANCE. There is sunshine and water, both are needed to flourish. The Arrow symbolizes a protected journey. Carved out of navy blue suede matting.

trust western horse art

Trust is the name of this mat carving. One can see that the baby upon this huge draft horse, has no fear. There is total trust that the journey will be a safe one. The horse takes great pride in being the one that is trusted.

protection on your journey of self wester horse art

Protection on your Journey of Self utilizes ancient Rune symbols placed on the horses hips, like brands, to symbolize the meaning behind this carving. From left to right the symbols mean......JOURNEY........PROTECTION.........and lastly SELF.

Life is a Journey with many turns and challenges. As with any Journey, one is wished Protection by loved ones along the way.

horses on art mugs

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